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Elton Bennett
Elton Bennett (1910-1974) attended the Portland Art Museum School of Fine Art immediately following World War II. His first attempt at studying art had been derailed by the onset of the Great Depression, and there were long, hard years of manual labor before a glimmer of the dream could be rekindled. But those years provided the context for his silkscreen work- scenes of the working riverfront, the bustle of the commerce of the wharves, and his unflagging dedication to providing artwork to people of every economic class. Read more...

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Barbara Bennett Parsons regularly holds public events throughout the Northwest that feature her father's original silkscreen artwork.

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Thank you for your interest in my father, Elton Bennett. My name is Barbara Bennett Parsons, and I hope that the following information will answer any questions you have about the value of your Elton Bennett original silkscreen art work. We will do our best to help you through the process of determining the condition, which is a large part of what value is based upon.


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